Shipping – US Postal Service

Shipping – US Postal Service


USPS First Class, Priority Mail, and Parcel Select Shipping

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If you’re local, we’ll drop off orders that total more than $15 at no charge.  “Local” means Winston-Salem, Stanleyville, Rural Hall, King, Pinnacle, and Pilot Mountain.

For other orders, or those who aren’t local, please choose a shipping package below.  If the package does not show a postage rate, that means it’s variable, and we’ll have to determine the smallest and least-expensive package we can use, and send you the postage cost before we ship.

Here’s our best determination of what will fit into various standard USPS shipping boxes (allowing enough room for cushioning), so you can pick the smallest package that will hold what you’re ordering.  If you don’t pick a shipping option, we’ll figure it out and send you a message so you can pay for shipping before we ship it.

Priority Flat Rate Small:  (3) 4 oz. containers max.  (No room for padding; at your own risk, though 4 oz. jars are pretty durable.)

Priority Flat Rate Medium:  (Testing)

Priority Flat Rate Padded Envelope:  (Best success so far)  Up to (3) pints; (2) pints + (2) 4 oz.; (4) 4 oz.

Priority Flat Rate Large:  (Testing)

Priority Mail Variable “Shoe Box”:  Varies; place order for cost.

Priority Mail Regional Rate A:  Varies; place order for cost.

Parcel Select:  Varies; place order for cost.

First Class to Priority Mail Upgrade:  If the product includes shipping via First Class Mail, this selection will allow you to specify you want Priority Mail.

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Priority Mail Flat-Rate Padded, First Class Package, Priority Mail Flat-Rate Small Box, Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box, Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box, Priority Mail (Variable), Parcel Select Ground (Variable)